An exciting new take on the workout. Leveraging connected technology and gamification with motivated trainers to create an inclusive and fun place to workout with others!

Started October 2020.
Co-Founded with Jordi Albanell, Will Kerr and Sana Pirmohamed



We discovered that 55% of Londoners have experienced feelings of loneliness at some point (City Index Survey 2017) and that 33% of Londoners have said they are doing significantly less sport now than before (Sport England Survey 2020).

Furthermore, 25% of adults do not engage in the recommended amount of daily physical activity (World Health Organisation 2019) and 51% of adults said lack of motivation prevents them from working out (Student Survey 2021).

We set ourselves the goal to do something about this. We found out that 95% of people who join a weight-loss program with friends are more likely to finish it (National Library of Medicine). Social relationships and mutual support in physical activities can assist everyday physical and mental health problems (Journal of Mental Health 2018).

So we created Hiit Me Up.

A social platform that aims to create novel, fun and interactive workouts and build communities along the way. Hiit Me Up is centered around a set of communities of people based on their interests and a core set of workout games. The goal being to get people into fitness and keep them there!


As well as working with the team to make the project and business case as exciting as possible, my main roles were in developing our v0 test app that we could use in our first set of sessions, working with instructors to make our games work around them and contributing to user experience.


After conceiving the idea, we conducted the following step to validate our concept and create a minimum viable product (MVP).

1. Scoping/Informal Interviews/Desktop Research
2. Generative research (Journey Mapping, Personas)
3. Ideation and Concept work.
4. Market Research of Competitive Landscape
5. Building a network of instructors
6. Created a set of assumptions for the buisness case - risks - mitigations
7. Conducted a series of primary research test sessions
8. Built a brand
9. Built a v0 MVP app
10. Presented our business at Imperial Innovation Pitch

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